Guest Author: Michelle Green, Member for 16 Years

As an artist and a designer, I had always wanted to learn how to do 3D computer art, so I finally decided to try learning. I couldn?t quite get the hang of it. It felt strange but I couldn?t understand why. I had been an artist my whole life but only on paper. You can sketch and doodle on paper. In 3D everything has coordinates, some relation to x,y, and z.

In 3D you?re not just starting with a blank slate, you?re starting with a void. Anything I tried to make felt so lifeless and sterile. Without anything to relate it to, it had no story, no history. An object needs context to give it connection to something greater than itself. Otherwise, it just seems like its floating in a vacuum.

I have wondered if that?s what people feel like sometimes. Like they are floating untethered in open space, no up or down, nothing grounding them. Maybe those people just haven?t figured out that God is their context, their frame of reference, their exact place in the universe via x,y,z coordinates.

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