Definition for Healing: to become sound or healthy again.

What does healthy mean to you?

What does healthy mean to me?  To be in balance.  To be at peace.  To have all that I need and even all that I want.  To have energy and stamina

Health is about physical health and mental health. To be physically healthy you give your body what it needs such as food (nutrients), water, and exercise. … to me being healthy means encouraging balance within yourself by satisfying your body’s need for proper nutrients, exercise, and mental stimulation.

I believe that Healing is a choice:

What is done to you, what happens to you isn?t always your choice, but choosing to be healed is a choice.  Choosing to believe that God can and will heal you begins a journey of self-discovery that will change your paradigm on how you see God. 

A couple of weeks ago I shared about filters and we all have filters or lenses that we view and perceive our truths.? So, I?m not wanting to convince you to believe what I believe, but I do want to lay a foundation so that you may begin your own journey in this direction with God.?

  1. You can be healed. (Supernatural healing, Using a Doctor to heal, Ultimate healing)
  2. You can be a conduit for someone else?s healing. (God Wants to use us all)
  3. It is not about ?to be or not to be?. It?s about a relationship with God and following his heart.? The names of God Jehovah Rapha.? Bitter water at Marah (Exodus 15:22-26)
  4. We live in a New Covenant and new reality; A kingdom reality.? In that Kingdom, Christ gave us the keys to operating that Kingdom. Matt. 28:18 Jesus came and told his disciples, ?I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.?
  5. We have been given a mandate from God to activate this Kingdom and part of that activation is in healing. Mark 16:15-18. And he said to them, ?As you go into all the world preach openly the wonderful news of the gospel to the entire human race! Whoever believes the good news and is baptized will be saved, and whoever does not believe the good news will be condemned.? And the miracle signs will accompany those who believe: They will drive out demons in the power of my name.? They will speak in tongues.? They will be supernaturally protected from snakes and from drinking anything poisonous. And the will lay hands on the sick and heal them.
  • I believe our thoughts are powerful in how we become healed. (Read devotional)

The bible is full of moments where God healed people.? God healed Naaman (2 Kings 5), Elijah prayed for the widow’s son and he came back to life (1 Kings 17:17-24), Elisha also prayed for the woman of Shunem and he came back to life(2 Kings 4:8-37);

We know that Jesus healed many, but as we read the book of Acts; which is our historical record of the establishment of the 1st-century church we see the new testament believers praying for people and seeing them healed.? Acts 3 we see the famous story of Peter telling the man at the gate, silver, and gold I have none but what I do have I give freely, now get us and walk.

Growing up I had the filter that God healed people in a very abstract way.  If you were sick you went to the doctor or you just suffered through or you just died. 

When I married Chuck and was introduced to living a life with a supernatural God I don?t remember ever asking God about healing, but I did begin to hear stories of how God was doing miraculous things in the world. 

I heard the story of Dr. Lawson being healed from his wife at a ladies’ luncheon, but the first time I experienced it was at our church in Albany GA praying one Saturday afternoon when our sound man came in and began having a stroke and God supernaturally healed him.?

When I first became pregnant with Hannah and I got a common cold.  God healed me and was years before I got a cold again. 

Our first big tour and everyone came down with the stomach flu.  We prayed for Hannah and she and Chuck were the only ones not to get sick.

I have walked a journey learning and experiencing God can and will supernaturally heal us. 

God promises us healing. Sometimes it is instantaneous, sometimes it is a journey, and sometimes it is through the passing from this world to the next. 

Don?t stop short:

Linger with God:


Do what you hear God telling you to do.

Talk to your body:

Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

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Posted by Chuck Day on Thursday, January 30, 2020

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