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17+ Years of Family Ministries

Present Day Truth Ministries Family Ministries. Present Day Truth believes in experiencing a real relationship with our Father in heaven. We believe that God is not through speaking to His people and that His word is present-day for this generation. We believe that in Christ we are a multi-generational generation. People, dedicated to living out the truth of Christ in us.

We are passionate about changing lives by empowering people to recognize their true identity in Christ. God created you to be exactly the person you are with all the giftings and flaws to make you a unique individual. You are the only person that can accomplish what the Father sent you to do.

In 2002 Chuck and Selena Day opened their home to 15 people, friends, and family alike. People looking for community, family, and a place to study and learn God's word.

Every week Present Day Truth Family ministries meet in that very same living room praising, worshiping and being the body of Christ to each other.


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Present Day Truth Family Ministries is a tax-deductible organization.